Friday, December 5, 2008

The hunt is on.....

Today is my little guys Birthday. He is not so little anymore and is 6!!! I can hardly believe it. He is my guy that is entertained by a mere cardboard paper towel holder, I love how creative he is . So ........ being that he has a December Birthday, I do not want him to feel overlooked. I was on a mission to find the Clone Wars trooper helmet ( that has a voice changer ) and the clone wars trooper blaster ( Moms with boys this age , you know what I am talking about and how very important these two things are to becoming the best clone warrior possible!!!!) . The kicker in all of this is that I wait until the morning of his birthday to go shopping! I have gone to 2 Walmarts, Target, K-mart and Toys r Us. At the last store I found the helmet but no such luck on the blaster . Lets cross our fingers that Santa will come through!

So at ever store I put money in the Salvation Army bucket ( 4 stores). At the last store I quickly walk by , and the attendant at the bucket says " Hey lady , Thanks alot!" and then he smirks and says " You have a nice Christmas too!!" . How is this possible when I have given at all the other stores..... I even gave dollars to one. Is there sense in the Universe???

I am going to take a deep breath and realize that everyone is under pressure and in the end does it really matter if my guy gets a blaster......... he will have a full belly , a warm bed and lots and lots of hugs. To me that is the perfect gift.

Talk to you soon,


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