Monday, December 1, 2008

I just added this little chair collage to my shop. I have another to post tomorrow, however my pics were not good so I need to retake them. I have 2 original canvas collages to finish up and then I will be posting some photo prints later in the week. My pouches have been sitting just waiting for me to get a surge of creative energy ........ however nothing. I like to have them sit where I can see them and perhaps it will just come.
We had a great Thanksgiving. My kids, nieces and nephews ( a total of 7 from the ages 2-9 )all went bowling , roasted marshmallows in a fire and watched movies. A great time had by all.
Now on to Christmas. I started putting up decorations ..... My kids think that elves come in the middle of the night and place everything everywhere. I started this many years ago, because my son is very particular about where things go, and he believed that the globe snow balls and ceramic Santas would be great in the middle of the floor!!! Now that the elves magically place things..... he does not dare move them. The elves are Santa's friends so no need to upset them.
Plus the kids get so excited to see what new things appear ( the elves get a new decoration every year!) . Oh to be a kid again!!!
Talk to you soon,

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Michelle Palmer said...

LOVE the "elves"~ Very sweet, dear memories you are building for years to come...
Your work is beautiful!
Love the chair...our teen daughter loves to collect antique/vintage chairs...her room is getting smaller n' smaller! :)
Wishing you the best!