Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New work

This is my first in the series of "Chairs". I call this "Victoria". I am not sure why, I looked at it and that was the name I thought of. I like using the pink and blue. It is a bit out of my comfort zone with color....... but I survived. I needed to expand a bit...... I needed to try something new.

It gets hard when we do the same things everyday , our routine is like an old friend. We depend on it, rely on it. I need my coffee in the morning as I watch the today show in peace before the boys wake up. I enjoy my chai tea in the afternoon while I fold laundry and play a game with my funny bunny still with me at home. Certain times of the day just follow a pattern without me even noticing. So strange..... I thought of myself as so flexible..... roll with the punches type person. I look at it now as very predictable ..... I need to know what lies ahead to feel comfortable. What a surprise. Our own perception of who we really truly are can be so foggy , imagine if we could all find clarity. Imagine what the world would look like....... imagine what the world could be.

Talk to you soon,



Jenn said...

Courtney...I love it! I went to see it on etsy and of course it was already long gone:) And I noticed you had your 100th sale!! HOORAY!! Huge congrats to you.


sUz said...

hi cOurtNey,
Our little rituals are what keep us sane and ground us. They comfort us when nothing in the world makes sense. They are indeed "old friends".
iN jOy,

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

your chair series it a hit! :)
love them!