Sunday, March 30, 2008

New work and new treasures....

I went antiquing with my son, and found a booth that had the best old documents. This is one of my great treasures. It is a stock exchange check from 1932. I also found checks from 1927 and a whole ledger book from 1940. They are all so beautifully aged and I can not wait to start using them. Of course I copy all of my precious documents. I would hate to alter the originals. The man who owned the Antique Mall commented on how beautiful the check was..... so strange how despite the many years between our ages there was a common appreciation for a time much different than now. It made me think about how different things are for those that remember the "not so high tech" world. How scary it must be ........ despite the many differences we have with those around us , the human connection will always remain the most impressionable and the most powerful.

Well, I call this piece "Family Portrait". I seemed to be a bit obsessed with chairs and such. I just love them and really love the personalities each has. This piece will be available at "The Muse" in Frederick, MD. I think I will make prints for my etsy shop.

Talk to you soon,


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Jennifer DeDonato said...

This is my favorite chair piece yet. I LOVE THIS. I do hope you get prints because I really want one!

Great job Courtney!