Saturday, March 8, 2008

New thoughts

Here is a 2nd piece in my new series " A room with a view ". I posted it and sold it quicker than I could blink. I am working on more and want to make prints . It is a real change for me . I am also working on a series of chairs ....... I think I am going to make these small and I love the idea that chairs take on the persona of people. So my thoughts are to have these be portraits in a sense. The chair will have its own personality and name ......... it will be fun for me. I like thinking hmmmm if my name were Estelle what would I wear!!!! I am a neutral kind of girl and wear no jewelry , so this will be a real departure for my personality.

I am so very tired today and am dreading turning the clocks ahead ......... I get very little sleep as it is and now I am taking one precious hour away!!!! The dark circles are getting harder to cover , especially in the morning. I fear that someone from my sons school will start whispering and the dreaded dark glasses will come out. Sometimes I wish I could borrow some time and keep it in a box for those days when you really need it. I think there was a song about this very thing........... only it was a bottle .

Enjoy your day ............ and keep your chin up . The lost hour just means more of the day to get those endless things done. Talk to you soon!



Jenn said...

hooray for chairs!!! Just love this one Courtney...not surprised at all it sold so fast:)

Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

sUz said...

hi cOUrtNey!
Love where you are going in your work - the chair portrait is stunning!
iN jOy,