Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The world is a spinning......

These beauties are courtesy of Lacklusterco. on etsy. . I do have an obsession with numbers
and although a #4 and #0 are perfectly fine .... when you put
them together.... well things change.
The big 4...0!
I did not really think about it until it came and went. It is like I suddenly feel like I
should grow up, have answers, look like I have it together.
I liked my thirties.... young enough to make mistakes and learn. I could still fumble around ,
figure stuff out. I am putting too much pressure on this.
Trust me.... I intend to make a ton of mistakes and hopefully I will learn from them.
Fumbling.... well it could be just part of my personality.... and as for figuring stuff out,
well , maybe that happens in your eighties.
After all , 4 is an even number. I like my even numbers.
O.k. .... here we go!
Talk to you soon!

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