Sunday, July 11, 2010

See , I have been busy!!

Here is a few new pieces..... I did not mean to show you the backside of my assemblage 1st.... we just got a new computer and I am not quite as together with my pictures yet!

O.K. , so there are a few..... and I already have a slew ( is that a word?) of ideas in the works. So I will have more pics soon.
On another note..... I finished my book ( Water for Elephants). Loved , loved , loved it. I miss it actually. Oh.... go see" Despicable me". I just thought it was the cutest, sweetest, funny ( in a boy humor kinda way ) movie. I laughed , cried ( yes really ) and felt warm and fuzzy. It has a dark edge to it but it really is great.
Talk to you soon,


The Vintage Sister said...

Great new work Courtney! I could look at that assemblage all day.

We saw Despicable Me last week and I think I loved it more than the kids did.

I look forward to seeing your new ideas!

sarah said...

Just found your blog and LOVE your work, I'll be back!