Sunday, August 16, 2009

We are home.......

We made it in just last night. I was so sad to leave our beach house . It was the best time . We went to Bayhead , NJ..... yes New Jersey. Most would not think it was the place to go for a beach , however this is a little pocket of pure gold. It reminds me of the little New England towns I have always dreamt of living in. Most of the people rent for the entire summer or they remain the summer homes to many from New York , North Jersey and Philadelphia.

The transportation of choice was a beach cruiser..... the brighter the color the better. I only wished I had a basket and a bell. I love the idea of jumping on your bike ( in flipflops non the less) and riding everywhere.

I have over 2 memory cards filled with pictures to sort through...... the boys had such a great time.

Although I am still wanting to be there....... I am glad to get back to being creative. It has been atleast 3 weeks and I really feel it. So , maybe mid week I will have some new things to share.

Talk to you soon,

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The Vintage Sister said...

Welcome home Courtney! You were in NJ and I was in Virginia, lol. Maybe we passed eachother on the way:)
Now get back to work!