Thursday, August 27, 2009

Slow goes it......

I have been sloooowly getting some new work finished. I like working on about 5 collages at a time. It does my creative brain good to jump from one project to the next and back again. I have a tendency to get excited about a project.... begin it.... and 1/2 way through I just do not want to look at it anymore. So I guess I am telling you that I should have alot of new work to show you very soon.

Above is another photo manipulation into a negative. I am soooo excited because I have been wanting to incorporate some of my old family photos into my work. I always have issue with using pictures of someone because I feel like...... they did not ask me to do it, and maybe they would rather not have their picture in my artwork. However , if I use the negative image.... it is not as recognizable and it is altered enough that I am not disrespecting them. Does that make sense. I also like using imagery that is not tooo attached to something specific. The couple above translates into an idea rather than specific people.
I am off to get busy.
Talk to you soon,

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