Sunday, August 23, 2009

Many changes ahead.......

I love this picture....... his little footsteps with the entire world ahead of him. School starts soon , and I am in serious denial about how old my guys really are. I will stay strong and not have a tearful goodbye..... all the while I am thinking ...... does this get any easier?

I am working on a few pieces ...... they will be ready to show you soon ( maybe tomorrow). I am going to my favorite little Tag sale , shabby chic barn store place ........ and I will be sure to show some pictures as well.

So , I am planning on being very organized with my creativity while the boys are in school ( really !). I also will be doing some more volunteer service in the community. I am going to work with the advocates for homeless families again. This time I will work with the kids on some holiday cards. I also have been thinking about taking this a step further , however I dare not mention the details because right now it is still my little dream . I will keep you posted.

Talk to you soon,



Jennifer DeDonato said...

I just took my oldest to orientation for 6th grade and was freaking out that I was inside a middle school! It has gone by so fast...way fast.

I hope you take pictures of the show you enjoy going to because I love looking at places like that.

Have a great week Courtney

CDScott said...

Love the photo. I take so many shots of the boys walking away from me. I love those images! I am feeling like you today. We are blessed to have such wonderful boys that we actually will miss them while they are at school. Talk to you soon.