Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Can you believe it ...........

First..... how about election night!!!! How exciting was that. I was so proud to have taken part in history and to have my two little guys next to me. They were so excited. My oldest wanted to stay up and see the results..... but it was way past his bedtime. After the very moving speech by Obama, I went to check on the kids and my son woke for a moment. I told him that Obama had won and he whispered " Yesssss!" and fell back asleep. I guess that says it all right. I did not want to get political on my blog , but I do think that no one person can deny what a powerful, moving experience these last days have been. To see a nation come together and have such a sense of hope....... a dream for all of us to have together.
Onto point 2: the above pic is from my bedroom and the area above my bed has been empty for the last 2 years...... we can not decide what to do with it . Only the back wall is navy and the rest of the room slants up and is painted sand. Hmmmmm. Any suggestions?
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julie king said...

lovely room and the color on the walls is great. what about a large collage with bright colors?! i do collages on solid aspen. i buy it in big pieces at lowe's then collage all over it.

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Are you kidding? With all of that fabulous artwork you want to know what to put over your bed?

If you get sick of your own art like I do, I suggest framing some cool papers or fabrics and hang them over your bed.


PVC card printing said...
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