Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is my latest.... I am keeping it for the party I am doing in October..... I have a feeling it will end up on etsy by the end of the month. I like this tree..... it is pre fall. The leaves still have greens and the greens have turned the slight shade of yellow. I like this time of year, and I really do not mind the rain. I have started walking each morning. Sometimes I walk with a friend, but most of the time I am with just me and my thoughts. I can not help but feel a bit awkward ( I am very uncoordinated my excuse for not taking exercise classes). I even thought that perhaps I would get the old stroller out and put a stuffed animal in it , this way I would at least have a prop ...... my neighbors would be sure to talk however, since both my children are of school age now! Funny how we ( really me) seem to worry about things like this. I guess I will be brave and walk with just me and my thoughts and work on being o.k. with being alone and perhaps tripping..... learn to laugh at me and know that it is o.k. . I think the neighbors will still talk, after all it is the suburbs !

Talk to you soon,



Jenn said...

Hi Courtney!!
Love this new piece. The green in the background is breath taking! I want to live there.

I've been walking a bit too....and by myself as well. I often feel like a dork...but I just put my humongous sunglasses on and go for it;) Let 'em talk;);) xox...jenn

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i am laughing WITH you girl!
the funny thing... i did a post a while back... sort of similar... i get embarassed to walk/run on my own... we are silly! :)
hmmmm... stuffed animal... that's an idea!

really pretty new piece... someone will snatch that up at your party!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Hi Courtney!
The new piece is great! I love all of your little houses.

Walking is my favorite exercise, it clears my mind and makes me sleep better at night. To be honest, I think mentally, it's better to walk alone. That way you have time to think. Us moms need
our "Me" time!


Fantastic Figments said...

I have the agree with all the ladies that this is a beautiful piece. Very peacful. I am a walker I do about a mile mile 1/2 every day just walking to and from work. I find the mornings I don't get to wlak I start off on the wrong foot! Just keep on truckin'