Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy , busy, busy.........

This is a new piece that I am taking to The Muse tomorrow. I am experimenting with color or rather just pops of color. You can not tell from this photo , but their are several layers of white texture over French text. I really had to work on not wanting to add more.... less is more right?

I feel as if I am running and never quite catching the train...... I have so much to catch up with and I must say , it is stunting the creative process a touch. Funny thing , I would blame the lack of motivation to be stunting the creative process.... my glass is half full and in the blink of an eye half empty.

I am working on a piece for a gallery submission. My first attempt at a real "gallery" and I am so preparing for the rejection letter, but I will keep my hopes high. The work I am submitting is really different from my usual collages. It will still have my stamp on it, but I am not sure if it will have the likable factor........ and that is o.k., because it is good to step out of the box.

I am learning to say that " It is O.k. ". In the end ....... things are O.K. ............ in times of crisis and after the dust clears things can be again O.K. . Things may never be alright and sometimes we are left changed forever , but breathe deep and know that it is O.K. and never , not ever excuse yourself for feeling your truth. Deep breathe.....

Talk to you soon,


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The Vintage Sister Studio said...

The new piece looks great Courtney! Good luck with the gallery submission, I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed:)