Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rethinking , redirecting......

The kids have been back now a week. I have all day to work and do whatever I want. I was so looking forward to this time. The odd thing is that I am finding it harder to be productive. I was taken aback at first, not sure why I was not working with the fury I had with less time. I realized that I was always working before. I was creating the ideas in my head during all the mundain events, during all the car rides and school dropoffs and playdates in the park. When I finally got the time to be was all right there. Now I struggle because I have the time , and I am not distracted ...... however I need to redirect my creative process. This is so much harder than I inticipated. I just need to put my feet on the ground and grasp this new life and not look back. I need to accept change.

Talk to you soon,



Jennifer DeDonato said...

I am in the same boat! Totally know what your talking about...glad I'm not alone.


Jenn said...

Courtney, you worded this just perfectly! I can relate to this so much!!! I'm with Jen...glad to know I'm not alone:)

Love your new work and congrats on getting into some new shops!!!!