Sunday, May 4, 2008

The wind and not finding the willows.......

Just finished this ..... it is a model for a class I hope to teach this summer. I love my vintage papers .

We took the boys on a walk today around a wooded path that followed a creek. The boys loved finding things and we saw so many little critters. I had this bright idea..... I had been saving my childhood book of " The wind in the willows" to read to them. Today is the perfect day to start. The boys were so excited , especially knowing that I would read from the book my mother read to me ( she has been gone for 2 yrs now ). So I went to find the book and to my surprise could not. Where could it be? The boys and I looked everywhere. Mind you , my house is small so there is not much that could be hidden or lost. I did alot of " oh , I have been looking for this" and " Why have I been keeping this ?" . We found just about everything else but that lovely little book. I told the boys that I would go to the library in the morning , but somehow the excitement was lost. Perhaps it will return when I find my book. Funny after taking the house apart I am sure I will find it in the most obvious place. Do you ever wonder why that happens?

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The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I love this piece. The vintage papers in the background are amazing!
Good luck finding your book:)