Monday, May 12, 2008

Rainy Mondays......

It seems like it has been raining forever!!!! I should not complain, the flowers are getting
lots of love. I hope everyone had a great Mothers day..... it is bitter sweet after my Mom passed. I am almost finished some vintage paper purses for the "Haute Handbag " challenge. I will post pics very soon. I just bought some watercolor paper , and am going to fool around a bit. I have tried before , but water color and I never got along. We will see.

Have a great Monday ! Talk to you soon,



The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Sorry to hear of your "bitter sweet" holiday. Fathers Day is a bit of a bummer for me as well. Not to sound corny but we will always have the memories of our parents:)
Have a good's raining here too and I need to go grocery shopping,UGH!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

watercolor... now that sounds like fun... always wanted to give that a whirl.

your mom is looking upon you with PROUD eyes!