Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sometimes I hear the news or read the paper and it just gets to be too much...... there is so much going on and it seems it never ends. I feel the realization of how small we all are. Today enough! I will not succumb to the negative energy. Sure , there are alot of bad things going on , and I can not make even a dent in these major tragedies. However it has occurred to me ...... for the large scale miracles to happen, there needs to be many small miracles along the way. I can and you can make this happen. Many feel that they must travel far and wide to help or seem like they are helping make the world better. I salute them for their efforts, someone must do it. For those ( like myself ) , look around at what you see. Make a change ..... create the domino effect right where you are. I have not done much to make change where I stand, but I have hope..... and the simple wish for hope can be enough until the courage pushes us to take the steps.

Talk to you soon,


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Holly said...

Thanks, Courtney. Yes, let us focus on miracles and all that is good. I'm feeling very inspired by the saying "bloom where you are planted" lately. Your post really spoke to me.