Sunday, February 10, 2008

What is your story??

Oh , where does the time go! The million dollar question. I can not believe that Valentines is soon upon us. I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that Christmas is over! I looked in the mirror and noticed that I have become old!! Yes , I am so gray along my part and in the morning my eyes are so dark underneath and many many lines ........ I am in my late thirties so how did this happen? I have two young boys and sure they are a handful . I should not complain. We should embrace these rights of passage. These stamps of time are the words to our lifes story...... right? I always love to see pictures of people as they age.... you can read them without even hearing their voice. Every line , every gray hair ..... they all compile a lifetime of their work. Society seems to make us cover this up ..... keep the book closed so to speak. We should feel o.k. with these little reminders that our story is getting deeper and richer.

I will embrace these gray hairs, and I am going to laugh and smile despite the lines that appear along my eyes. I am a writer and my story will be told.

Embrace who you are despite what you think you should be. You are the storyteller..... be heard.



carissa... brown eyed fox said...

HERE... HERE! You said it exactly!

It seems to almost happen overnight. Well... it feels that way!

LOL from another (late thirties) gal with graying hair & wrinkling eyes! :)

Jenn said...

Perfectly written Courtney:)

I only recently started coloring my gray hair. I went SUPER premature my early 30's people used to ask me if I dyed my hair gray!? Hellllloooo. While I liked my salt and pepper look...I do love to play around with color too:) Now I feel like I can't turn back. hmmmm.

What bothers me is that men are considered "sexy" as they mature and gray...and women are considered as "letting themselves go".

Thanks for this post Courtney:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Courtney-
My sentiments exactly. I have recently just turned 30 and I can feel the differences in myself. They may be subtle but none-the-less they are there. As you said though those changes in us are our stories. I decided that I can't do anything about the aging process and as long as I can keep creating art everyday then maybe it will overshadow it and make me forget that I am getting older. :) Take Care.

sUz said...

hi couRtNey,

Thanks for the great post - I love how you make me think!

I'm with jeNn, there is definitely a double standard that needs correction.

Happy Valentine's Day!
iN jOy,