Monday, February 18, 2008

Pollyanna is reborn

I have a wonderful family. We have a home , cars, toys , clothes , plenty of food........ really everything we need and some things we want. There will always be more things that add to our wish list. I try to keep things in perspective. I want for no more than what I have. If we are put in situations that allow us to obtain these " wish " items, I am very thankful. I try to remind my children that some in the world have not a home or even food.

When things begin to add up....... like our recent dishwasher breaking, car handle cracking off etc., I like to remind myself that I am so lucky. I told my husband ( giggling ) that we should be glad that we had a car for the handle to crack off ( mind you the repair is $ 300 ). Better the car than a bone . I complain about the endless stream of birthday gifts for my kids to purchase for friends........ I should be glad that they have friends to buy for. I know it seems like a strech, but positive energy attracts its likeness. No , I am not a Pollyanna and often times my glass does appear half empty. I remind myself that I have the choice to see it half full.....

Talk to you soon............. Courtney

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