Friday, September 28, 2007

why are we all in a hurry????

Did you ever notice that everyone is in such a hurry??? I am guilty as well, I just wish I knew sometimes why. We drive fast, we need info fast, we need to be the first everywhere.... and don't you just love the commercials where someones tries to buy with cash, slowing the world down and is looked at harshly!!!!!

I do wish everyday for more minutes in the hour but I want them for selfish reasons. I want them so that time does not slip away...... I want more time with my kids and more time to just sit and breathe. I do not mind being second in line or driving under the speed limit . I just want to stand still and not fear that the world will keep spinning.

I wish I may , I wish I might ...... have this wish , I wish tonight.

Have a great weekend!



Precious Quilts said...

Maybe we can wish together?

Our grandparents used to say, time goes more quickly as you get older, well, I don't believe that! Time goes too fast for all of us, even youngsters!

tootsiegrace said...

I'm always in a hurry! I never have time to get everything done! Maybe I should just relax and take time to smell the roses!

Your work is absolutely beautiful. I love your Etsy shop!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

Oh is this soooo true! You said it so well! I remind myself quite frequently... okay... constantly to just stop & slow down!

Your art is great!