Sunday, December 12, 2010

My weekly check in.....

I am feeling like this cow just grazing on the grass as the world
goes by!
I can not believe that it is mid December.... I really need to
to get moving!

During my Christmas break , I am going to do a
collage featuring this picture.

Here is a collage in progress. I will give you a hint...
there will be fish on the bottom and a tree on the top.
Big surprise , right!

Here is a large piece featuring my little guys. This might be in my
etsy shop soon. I am still thinking about what to do with it.

Basketball is in full swing. The lighting in the gym's are not great
so my pictures come out a bit fuzzy. I need to work
on this. Any tips??
Here is something on my wish list. I love my Trout! This is the
2nd book by James Prosek.
Talk to you soon!


Jennifer DeDonato said...

Oh, I can't wait until you get the picture done so I can see.

fairy fantasy art said...

I am Waiting....