Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The sweet smell of fun.....

O.k. ..... lets do some math here



smelly smelly boys!!!!!
It was rainy, humid and summer time. So 6 or so boys ( mine included ) played kick ball in the very wet grass of my yard. When it rained hard enough..... where do you think they went. My basement of course ...... what did they do..... dance dance dance revolution. So let me paint the picture..... 6 smelly boys outside , come inside to continue sweaty smelly fun! My basement needs a few days, air freshener and open windows to recover. Me , I'm fine..... I know soon enough the smell , laughter and simple fun will be gone and I will miss it.
*** I have 3 new pieces to post however today was not a good picture day.
Talk to you soon,

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