Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lets get acquainted......

Part of my job as an artist is to invite you into my world. I struggle with this.... I like to be somewhat anonymous. I do realize I must try , so here are a few things about me......

1. I have long , straight , dark hair that is in a ponytail most days.
2. I will be 40 this year!!!!! Yikes!
3. I was a mod/goth/punk/funky gal back in the day.
4. I believe that I was a fisherman in another life that tragically drown and that explains my
deep rooted fear of open water in contrast with my love of living by the sea and obsession
with fish ( whew! ).
5. I associate all numbers with colors or rather I see colors when I look at numbers ( make
6. I once wanted to be friends with Molly Ringwald .
7. I still love watching 16 candles and pretty in pink!
8. I love music and wish I could sing ( I can not carry a tune to save my life).
9. I miss my mother everyday .
10. I would love to be a writer .
11. I would describe myself as simple yet I am very complicated.
12. I fear awkward silences and talk to fill them ( annoying I know!)
13. I have many quirky nuances and could be diagnosed with OCD
14. I wear a single silver band on my finger and pearl earrings
15. I wear a lot of black
16. A girl can never have too many jackets.
17. I love scarfs in any season
18. I wear glasses equally on , as off.
19. My greatest achievement is my beautiful boys!!!
20. I embrace my truth as flawed as it may be.

Nice to meet you!!!



CDScott said...

Even though I know you, I learned a few things. But I need more information on #5...numbers = colors? I am intrigued!

Sarah Knight said...

You seem like an interesting, complicated, and affable person; as enjoyable as your work!
: )

BitsAndPieces said...

Nice to meet you, Courtney. I liked your art and enjoyed the twenty statements you shared.
I hope to come again.