Monday, January 4, 2010

A gift for me......

I wait to get my Christmas presents after the Holiday...... usually I get money or gift cards , so I love when the dust settles a bit and I am able to shop for myself . I am thrifty and love love love a bargain. I never pay full price for anything and often see things and wonder how I could do them myself.

So , I found a ton of sites on etsy that sell burlap bags. Now I just fell in love with this very worn coffee bean bag , however I worried about the age and dirty factor. So I went with this rice bag. Although it is fairly new, I love the color. It is the perfect size for a little pillow form ( that I just happened to have ). The great thing is that on the back side is a zipper so ..... no sew!!! Total price including shipping $4 ....... the cost of my heart smiling $ priceless ! I ordered a bunch of vintage paper and such that should arrive soon , so I anticipate a lot of busy work ahead of me.
I love collecting and have so many vintage papers that I do not use , so I am thinking of opening an etsy shop for my vintage paper finds. I am still mulling it over so, who knows.
I have a few new pieces in the works and will show you something new very soon.
Talk to you soon,

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