Monday, January 25, 2010

Another little city......

I can not help it, I just love city scape's! This happens to be of my hometown non other than Frederick , MD.

I hate my scanner and could not fit the entire piece on.

Talk to you soon,


Kim Hambric said...

I just love it! I just visited Frederick on GoogleMaps yesterday. I do miss that town. I used to enjoy only having a 15-minuted drive to Frederick.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

This is wonderful...great job. You and me are on the same page with our scanners!!

Tam Hess said...

These are wonderful! I love city scenes. Especially collages. xoxo

The Vintage Sister said...

great painting courtney! you should make them into cards and sell them at local shops:)

i read your last post about an artists worth and what came immediately to my mind was that most of the masters who's works sell for millions now, were poor at the time. i think being an artist is a feeling and a way of life rather than a job title.

Krissysart said...

Hello! I'm so happy to find you. Your work is stunning. It makes me happy just looking at it!