Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wish I could be running like the wind.....

That is the title of this new piece.... minus the wish part. I have been working on new pieces despite my absence to the blog world and etsy. My shop has been so slow and all my B&M stores are stocked, so I slowed things down a touch. I want to figure out what my next move is. I got into a rut or rather a safe zone, so I need to break out and try new things. I want to get excited about making something again.

This piece is not quite finished. I have to add some strings from the kids to the birds or maybe not , I am not sure yet!

Talk to you soon,



Jenni Horne said...

What a sweet blog. I love your use of collage and those ruler houses..... Super clever!! I have a pile of great found items that I am scared to use. But that idea makes me want to chop them up right away! Can't wait to peek in your etsy shop! Best wishes. Jenni

The Vintage Sister said...

Love the new piece Courtney. Strings or maybe swirly dotted lines from the birds would be cute. Who asked me???