Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An old friend.....

Due to my children starting Christmas break early ( snowstorm cancelled the last 3 days of school before Christmas break!), I have been working on little no brainer projects. So here are a few that I will have in my shop later today.

I was a bit panicked about starting Christmas break early..... what to do to fill the boys days before Christmas .Their excitement is spilling out of them and often resulting in massive fights and feelings getting hurt. This morning I was getting some laundry together when my youngest asked my oldest " Hey , you want to build a Thomas track with me?"........ well Thomas is an old dear friend whom I just can not get rid of. I have him and all his friends packed neatly away in the back of the closet.

I had to contain my OCD knowing that all the well organized tracks would be a big heap of craziness...... and my heart tickled a bit knowing that although they are big , they are still my little guys. They worked together and built their track..... it took up the entire room ( really my youngest room however we have not made the big switch with their beds). Now remember they are 9.5 and 7 so they played a bit differently ...... Thomas was not your average "useful engine" as the story would have him..... instead the trains were involved in a battle with their army planes. I can not complain, I did laundry, had coffee and took a shower without a fight breaking out. Now the afternoon could be different , but for now ...... bliss!
Talk to you soon,


The Vintage Sister said...

You lucky girl! My kids have been fighting non stop and vacation hasn't even started yet. I think I may need to sneak some early egg nog.
I love The Family Stone! The end always kills me but I just love Luke Wilson's character.

Enjoy your holidays Courtney!!

ratu lakhsmita indira said...

i LOVE Thomas the Tank Engine!!!!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

I know all about Thomas...I think I must have spent about five thousand dollars on all that stuff. I like what you did with your artwork. Cool beans.