Friday, November 20, 2009

More things I love.....

I do not know why I have a fascination with old signs on buildings. I love them. I love seeing the peeling paint come off a painted brick building. Its like the building is showing its truth.

This is a statue in a fountain..... It looks like an average day in my house !!!!

Love the feeling of a city street in the fall.

Again, my love of vintage signs. You gotta love this milk jar!

This has it all....... peeling paint , writing. A perfect wall.

I am actually working on another Frederick piece and I needed some pictures for reference. I am trying to be o.k. with not being able to do it all. It is hard, to let go. The need to have perfect moments...... I think my paint is peeling and me truth is exposed. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions....... I must remember this as we enter this holiday season.
Talk to you soon,


Kim Hambric said...

If you do find perfect, let me know so I at least know it exists.

I love old signs too -- the shapes of the letters, the contrasting colors, the imperfectness as they fade.

julie king said...

wonderful photos, courtney! from my over 50 perspective, the sooner you give up on perfection, the sooner you can relax into living a fuller, happier, more creative life. i learned this the hard way but know it to be true!

CDScott said...

Love the photos! A new perspective on our town...thanks!

My new motto: "Flawed is the new perfect." I think it will catch on.