Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Tree with Friends......


Here is a new piece I just finished. You can find it in Frederick at " The Muse". I having a million things in the works right now. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed , however I know there is a light coming up ahead. I have noticed that all of my clothes have some kind of glue or paint on them . I need to remember to get an apron . Am I the only messy artist out there?
Talk to you soon,


Kim Hambric said...

Love the sweet birds here. I must get to the Muse one day. Perhaps the next time I visit the in-laws in Northern VA.

Go on and get messy. If there is a non-messy artist out there, I don't ever want to meet them.

julie king said...

wonderful piece, courtney! i hear you on the paint and glue clothes issue! i tend to work late into the night in my pajamas and oh my! what a horrid mess they are. i'd be so embarrassed if anyone ever saw me in them.

take care!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

No...not the messiest...I too pick up a piece of clothing in the morning to where and put it in my"Work clothes" pile because it's been touched by paint.
I have a giveaway going on today…I …if have a chance, visit mine:-)
Thanks for sharing your awesome ART!

Artfulife said...

Oh my! Love your art. So very cute. Do you use paper in your illustrations? I am right there with you on the overwhelmed part. Too many projects to finish.....not enough time to start all that I want to get started.

The Vintage Sister said...

Are you kidding? EVERYTHING I own has paint on it...and I DO use an apron. I'm a complete slob, lol. And like Julie, my jammies are pretty bad too. Oh well, just go with it Courtney, you're an artist!!

I love the new piece. The colors are wonderful!

Take it easy:)

e.beck.artist said...

i'm very messy .... and wear a paint tee and an apron ... and still get my real clothes a mess ...