Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall and baseball a great combination.....

No pictures to show.... I am working on some new things. I promise that I will load my etsy shop with tons of little goodies for Christmas gifts very soon.

This month has been a bit crazy. I have subbed in the school a bit . Illness is all around at school so I know that my days are numbered as far as having kids home with something. Fall baseball has begun and both boys are playing twice a week ...... the same days but not the same times and location..... makes for interesting nights .

You can smell fall in the air ..... my favorite season. Although 4 years ago at this very time my life was turned upside down when my mother was diagnosed with Cancer...... I still hold this time as a treasure. Her illness brought so much to my life and although we lost her ...... she gave me a great gift in knowing the importance of my life, my family , the time we have right now.

My father passed away last month..... and although he had not been apart of my life for over 15 years..... it was another changing moment. My brother and sisters are now the keepers of our family. We will pass to our children the life lessons, the memories we have of who we are and where we came from ..........

Hold tight those close to you. Listen to the words and treasure the stories . Put it into that box we have inside , lock it tight ...... and never loose the key.

Talk to you soon,


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CDScott said...

Wonderful post, Courtney. I didn't know about your father's recent passing. I am sorry to hear. Life hands us lost of challenges, in many different forms. Thank you for the reminder to cherish our loved ones and friends!