Friday, March 6, 2009

Many things.....

I should start this post with a picture that I am determined to put into collage. I took this last fall and it is near the house I grew up in. I would love to live here ...... something about a farm just warms my heart.

I wanted to show you how I have been packaging my little shipments. I love ribbon and found myself having a bunch of scraps not quite long enough to wrap the entire thing ..... so I have been mix and matching. I think it is a bit fun!

Here is my Harrison and his little science fair project about Air. I am a stickler about having the boys write it out and not use the computer ( or have me use the computer!). It turned out pretty well. ( He knows that hair has a one week expiry and then off to get it trimmed!)

Ohhh, my Reesie . He did a wonderful job on his first science fair. He was still getting over Pneumonia when this was taken. ( His hair is looking abit in need of a cut as well!)
Have a great weekend, Talk to you soon!


Cathy Nichols Art said...

Hi Courtney! I love the way you package your work! I am so humbled. And your boys are adorable. I hope they do well at the science fair!

julie king said...

i would love to live on that farm as well,courtney! i could raise my own chickens and gather the eggs each morning. how fun it would be! your little packages are so cute! and, the boys look so happy and proud!

julie king said...

i posted a link to your blog today because i am so inspired by your collage work! i did a little violet piece cutting strips of paper for grass. it was fun! thanks for the inspiration, courtney!!!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Cute pictures of the boys! It seems like I'm always taking my boys to the barber shop. Way more often than I go myself:)

Love the packaging!

XUE said...

oh dear! 11+ son's hair is double the length of Harrison's & Reesie's!
I love yr pretty collages & those ribbons on yr mailing kits!