Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Finding Inspiration
These are leaves that are all over the ground in Maryland.  I find them beautiful, however they are here because of pesky bugs and sadly are killing the tree.  There is something very twisted about it . They are surprisingly very strong despite the lacy holes. I am not sure what I will do with them, but after walking by them everyday, I needed to start collecting.

The above is a piece for my annual charity in partnership with the Muse ( Gallery / Shop ).  The owner and I started this pairing of art with giving back 4 years ago.  We have our art auction in October so I will keep you posted of the final results.
I am re entering the world so to speak, after hiding for so long. It is strange putting yourself out there. As many other artists , I like to keep to myself and be more the observer of life around me. Sometimes that is good and other times it puts you at a disadvantage. Baby steps ......

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