Sunday, September 11, 2011

A look at what I am doing......

Happy anniversary Honey!
A lucky 13 years and counting!
My roots are in sculpture.
I have recently been trying to dive back into
assemblage pieces.
This one I did a few years ago.
This is an oldie but goodie as well.
This is a new piece.
This one is somewhat of a portrait.
It says on the inside
" Remember the
truth of who
we are"
A mixed media figure.
I want to do more of these.
A new collage.
and this is a special portrait headed to
Philly very soon.
Talk to you soon,


Lalania said...

Wow Courtney! That dog collage portrait is amazing! I'm not even a dog person and I think it's beautiful. :)

RAKU. said...

I like a lot especially the first box :-)