Friday, September 24, 2010

Off to an auction.......

I just finished this piece and sent it off to an auction for a young girl in my area. She is undergoing surgery and the auction will raise money for the expenses.

I have a few canvases and wood prepped and ready to collage. I hope to get my etsy shop back up and running. I have had only select items in there for sometime. It is hard to make art and then be savvy about the marketing of your work. I will make an effort .
I have been wanting to do some more volunteer work for quite sometime. I had an idea that I wanted to start ..... then I got the job at the school. I have been trying to juggle school, my kids , my art and my home .... and I just put the idea aside . A new opportunity has just come my way.... so I am happy to reopen this door. More details once I know myself.
A new quote from my newest collage:
It is in truth that we walk tall.
It is in truth that we walk strong.
It is in truth that we
grow and learn
laugh and cry.
It is in truth that we
Talk to you soon,

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Charlene said...

Such a nice thing to do! I bet this piece does well at auction…very pretty…love the detail in the kite!